"I'd like you to look at these celebrities. We know that human happiness levels are related to comparisons with peers. If you're the first in your village to get a light bulb, you're really happy. We don't think your peers are rich enough to make you feel crappy enough to spend your hard earned money on our products, so here are your new "peers." Statistically they're so rare they don't even exist, but we'll show you them so often they'll feel like friends. You'll work yourself into an early grave trying to keep up with them and make yourself "happy." You'll be so tired you won't have time to raise your kids right or spend time with that person you married - who are they again anyway? Whoops. Did I say all that? Please forget it. I'd like you to look at these celebrities, aren't they gorgeous? Who do you think wore the dress best? Guess who's dating who! Look, they had a baby!"

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, January 21, 2015.