The chair was about as soulful as a bank convention at the Hilton. The wood was cheap and the paint machine sprayed. The advertising had cost more than the annual budget of a developing nation but it would sell in its millions so no problems there. It was a pleasing enough design, scandinavian most likely. It would blend in almost anywhere and appeal to many tastes: straight enough for the minimalists with a cute cross over at the back for the "country at heart" crowd. Perfect. Banged out in a factory and shipped flat packed. Tina wanted to do something to make it at least a little bit personal, but Mom frowned every time she brought the stencils out.

By maria, February 6, 2015.

Augustus sat in an ancient wooden chair, careful not to scruff his recently buffed armor on the protruding splinters.

By mahoreveuse, April 2, 2013.

Found in The Biomass Revolution, authored by Nicholas Smith.


rustic splint bottomed chair

By dan, January 5, 2013.

Found in The Silent Alarm, authored by Roy J. Snell.


The chair was mahogany with cherubs chiselled into the sides. on the top was a violet cushion which was worn and tatty

By purplecompton, April 8, 2014.