No, man, I'm not saying you're a coward... just that I'm so impressed that you're walking around so soon after a total spine-ectomy. Tell me how many times I ignored you when you needed me... now reverse that around and ask again. I realise I'm being a total spite-fire, but right now that's all I got, it's not as if you were ever gonna show up, was it?


The worst thing you can be is a coward, to the self, to others, to Mother Earth. For the coward will sacrifice anything to save the physical self, even at the price of emotional death; they are willing to become a monster, to let the dark-self live where their true-self once did. So be determined, my love - brave, yet never fool-hardy. Stay alive, be healthy, love with all your heart, but stay on the road that is empathy and compassion, love and fraternity with a determination that will take death over failure. Have the spirit of a child, yet the nobility of a true warrior, always protective and kind.


Watching Parker move about the room it's hard to believe we are even the same species. He's got the same shell alright, and totally charming, handsome even. But it's like all his wiring is screwed up, or his chemical balance, maybe that's it? My Mom always said we're all just one or two chemicals away from losing our minds, it was her way of making sure I didn't feel superior to her crazy patients down on the psychiatric ward.

I'm not afraid of Parker, he needs me. I can help him in ways other people can't. I guess I should turn him into the cops or something, but if they don't convict him I'll be the next one sold for parts. Mostly I pretend I don't know what he does, it isn't as hard as you'd think. He's has all the right mannerisms despite feeling none of the emotions. I don't know what it would take for me to find the courage to stop him, maybe one day I'll find out, or maybe I won't. Perhaps I'm just a coward.

Fantasy / Epic

Petrified, he plummeted to his knees, his cheeks flushed with fear as animosity and grief engulfed him.

By pam3la, October 17, 2016.