I made an honest living from cutting hair in my little barber's shop in Fleet Street, or when not slitting throats, that is.
But that was all down to Mrs Lovett, for it was she who insisted the corpse be bled dry beforehand.
“It just seeps right through the pastry otherwise,” she said, “and I can hardly be expected to sell blood-stained meat pies can I?”

By albee, August 14, 2014.

My hair had been with me my whole life, the only thing that had ever stuck by my side through thick and thin. but now was a time to forget my horrid past and it go because it is the only reminder of what used to be.

By ratoriravenwolf, August 20, 2014.

He aggressively bunched all of his thick overgrown hair within one of his long hands raising the stainless steel scissors to the base of his neck. His hair, which he had been growing out for nearly the better part of two decades, he had decided like him needed a change. So this morning when he thrown everything he'd ever valued into two duffel bags he'd also "borrowed" a pair of scissors out of his sister's bathroom, and was now attempting to cut off 18 years of contempt of the world, deviance, and "over jadedness". In all the movies the protagonist just clipped the scissors once and the hair would fall off as if it was nothing more than feathers, but in real life it took many moments of hacking at his hair for a small thick section to fall to the warm wooden ground.

By sylvia.asare.7, August 30, 2014.