Dawn breaks out like a bleeding wound, the distant scudding clouds turn crimson by the sun's rays. The night had been arguably the worst of my life. The sailors had tried to prepare for sudden, violent storms that erupt and cease so quickly, but it is impossible. The worst had happened last night; with no warning, total darkness prevailed as clouds thickened and the sky was stricken, blotting out the starlight. The wind arose to push the still waters to choppy, which morphed into mountains of angry waves. Sailors struggled and slipped on the soaked deck and panic had set it. The wind slammed the rain into our faces as if it were solid matter, my face was raw and the water had filled my eyes. Somehow, the ship had pressed on, bravely climbing up the waves, and then crashing down in a cascade of wood and water. It was during one of these heart stopping plummets that a surge of water broke onto the deck, we held tightly onto the mast, onto the ropes, onto anything that might save us. The water drained back into the sea, retreating to its master, but the damage had been done, Natu, the weakest of the group had found the pull of the water to be too strong. There was nothing we could have done to save her, she just slipped. We searched for her in the water but when she went under that final wave, she never resurfaced.

By imber, June 8, 2015.