In your eyes I see home. In your soul there is the kind of passion that brings solace to my fire, enough to bring out my earthen nature and calm. Your arms become my cocoon, a place to heal my soul. For living as a phoenix requires refuge, especially after those times I must become flame in the defence of the defenceless, a light in the darkness, before again returning to ashes. Has nobody ever wondered how a phoenix must feel or what they may need? So, lover, I could live infinite lifetimes and desire you. I would live infinite mortal lives to save you, to bring you home. In all honesty, I'm not sure who is saving who in this scenario, but from what this universe has shown me, it's almost certainly a bit of both. I choose you because I need someone who will hold on to my soul no matter what happens, that will trust me to do the same for them. And in this entire crazy world the only one the universe trusts me into the care of is you. That much I'm clear on. That makes you unique. That makes you special. It also makes you my twin soul, my companion by divine design. So this fire of mine that burns all others, will touch you as fine silk, as the spark of a heaven-spun love. It will ignite you within when nothing else can. Even if you are ice or stone, it will reach you and save you. So, weave your fingers into mine and let the future begin.