Hank went into his target building under cover of darkness with a marine escort. All this sand was getting to him, he just wanted to be home in his work-shed with the radio blaring, soldering a new gadget. The insurgents were getting blasted out with missiles from the fly boys but this one had to look like the insurgents themselves had done it. The bomb he carried in was comparatively crude to what he normally produced and the materials were inferior, but it would take down the house, the multi-car garage and leave the swimming pool a cracked wreck. As he nestled it into a key pillar the sound of a child's laughter came from an upstairs room, it was pure unrestrained joy, as he was about to complete the arming he thought to himself, "That kid's laughing like there's no tomorrow." He almost chuckled to himself. And then he froze. He walked out past the jar head team with the device under his arm, not even trying to slink in the shadows. For that he got dishonourable discharge.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 13, 2014.