Dear Assholes,

Yes, you who threaten the young and ignore the seasoned professionals who could eat you for lunch and still order pudding. You who threaten activists less than half my age, you who are cowards and emotional intelligence morons. Eat me. Eat me and I will chew you up from the inside until you learn some fucking manners and humility. Climate change activists are trying to save the fucking planet. Black Lives Matter activists are trying to save society and inject some long overdue emotional intelligence to the masses, to help people of colour see their innate worth, their sacredness as part of humanity and creation. My platform is global, I shout long and loud - just not on fucking twitter or the regular channels. My impact is massive. I am an intellectual titian. So.... eat me! Eat me instead, come for a giant of social reform and evolution or realise how cowardly you are... or learn from me and join our side... we take converts too... It's up to you.

Angela Abraham
An Actual Grown-Up Who Eats Morons for Lunch, Crunchy Bits and Everything