The emotional mentor scheme was how we lessened the burden on the emergency medical services, hospitals, and justice system in the short, medium and long term. Brains in pain need brains who are well to co-regulate from and then to act as role models whilst they heal. Without such intervention stress bubbles down in society to the most vulnerable, often kids and damages their neurology, alters the expression of over 900 genes for the worse, and thus increases negative outcomes in terms of mental health, impulsive behaviours and susceptibility to major illness. And so we needed a buddy system from the more emotionally stable in society to the least emotionally stable. Single parents, the bereaved, young adults, youth in need, children who felt isolated... they all needed a buddy who could be their rock - a supporter who didn't ever ask for reciprocation. We needed the more comfortable to be willing to make themselves less comfortable for the benefit of our country and society - to extend their love to a stranger and let it begin to heal them. Love thy neighbour became an act of true charity and an essential part of the survival of our nation.