In the barely lit tunnel hemmed in by the perfect arching sandstone walls there is something almost gleaming ahead. It isn't giving out light, more like it catches it at certain angles and reflects a brownish red hue. Steven laughs, "It's art! Look, it's just copper wire bent in flowers and spirals." But Gabby isn't convinced and her tone is brusque as ever.

"Stand back." She shines her beam high and low, near and into the distance, then she stands, grim faced. No-one says anything, this for the most part is how Gabby always looks. "There's a power source ahead, small but high tech, it's no AA battery." We all take a step backwards from the pretty copper wire, it's as beautiful as a samurai sword and just as deadly.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 25, 2015.