Eugenics was the poison pill. The elite became more elite, the downtrodden considered in similar ways to pigs and cattle - units of flesh and bone to be exploited without guilt. They kept the people they saw use for and killed the rest in the name of saving the environment. The deaths made the holocaust look like a forgivable lapse of judgement, a historical blip. But what did it matter? Those people couldn't "compute" like our new lords, they were eaters, polluters without justifiable reasons to live and breathe.


"I'd like you to meet Troy. His intelligence outstrips Einstein by more than three fold and he can run faster than the current Olympic champion. This is his first "human resource assessment." He will interview you and let us know if you are an asset or a liability. Don't lie either, he's an expert in micro-expressions. It's time to decide who gets to live on earth and who better to decide than mister I.Q. 625?"


Eugenics can give us more people great at math and super athletes, all rolled into one no doubt; but natural societies are more akin to the natural meadow, full of diversity. Make us all the same and we'll fight, unable to find our own place in the world, and that means war. Show me a world full of love, where difference is honoured and the happiness of children and adults is obvious by their warm smiles, then perhaps we may be ready for tinkering with our DNA. Though by then I doubt we'll want to, perhaps we'll have realized that we have all the intelligence we need, it's just that our "eduction" system kills it off at the point of emergence.


Science may tinker with the DNA in the cells, yet the greatest mystery of all - what makes a beautiful soul - remains unknown. So what then is the purpose? To increase intelligence in people who may not be kind? Who may gain a love of power but not the power of love? Would it be a better world or one of greater pain for the many? Is our interference with the mind akin the medieval doctors with their leeches, meddling without the knowledge of what it truly takes to make a human being - flesh and spirit combined. It is like taking out a tool box to fix a car without knowing the first thing about how the engine works, only seeing a blemish on the glossy paintwork.


It's 2030 and I'm preparing to leave Ideal City for the badlands. I'm a designer baby, perfect, perfectly miserable as it happens. I'm told that in the badlands they celebrate births, every birth as a divine gift. I know what mine was like, I saw it on video from nine different angles. I was weighed, measured and given an assessment by three highly paid doctors. Then instead of holding me, gazing into my eyes, my parents read the charts, the assessments, the post-birth genetic screening to make sure I was the "right embryo." Had one thing been even inconclusive I would have been placed in holding pending further tests, but I passed, of course I did. After all that careful science how could I not be wonderful?

Life after that? Six weeks with parents and nanny before they went back to the high flying careers that perfect people have. The nanny was assessed weekly by my progress, mental and physical, and then either given a bonus or penalty. Then it was boarding school with other "perfect" children. Anytime my scores weren't high enough my parents came to chastise me with guilt over school fees and lectures on my "genetic superiority." I was to be a virtuoso violinist, a math genius, a novelist, a sporting champion, a politician. But I never felt loved for just being me, I was a vehicle for my parent's ambitions, "something" to boast about at dinner parties I wasn't invited to. I wasn't really loved until I met Alice.

She's an "inferior" with no enhancements. She might as well be a dog to hear them tell it, in fact there is a new law coming in to sterilize non-enhanced partners of us "gods." I want to hold my babies like they are more precious than anything, I want to spend time with them, get to know them. Alice says her mama used to sing her lullabies, she said they'd cuddle whenever she wanted, that they knew how to cook food. I can't live this sterile life anymore, not now that I know love is real and not just something people say to coerce you into behaving...


When the Creator's messenger was asked about eugenics she nodded and thought for a moment. "It depends what you mean. Preventing a baby from suffering can't be a bad thing but eugenics for other purposes is merely an extension of a greed, vanity, envy and fear culture. Eugenics would take the most intense experience of love and reduce it to "shopping." On that path your children would be commodities and society would degrade for multiple reasons. If you reconnect with Love you won't want eugenics anymore, your priorities will change.

I already told you that God is Love and that when children are raised in a positive loving culture rather than fear-based they will be in touch with their emotions, their true God-given natures. That doesn't mean giving them everything they want, they need guidance. It doesn't mean not allowing them to compete, we all have to learn to loose with grace and carry on. But our one-size-fits-all education models designed for the "average" doesn't work for most kids. Our definitions of intelligence are too narrow, we tend to prize only the things that bring in the most money rather than help society heal. There isn't a problem with our kids, it's our society that needs fixing. You all know what the number one cause of death is for teenagers. You can't blame the individual parents, I told you before, our society is toxic. Time to restructure.


"One problem with the designer babies was that it made us elite children into commodities. Your baby would be as good as you could afford or your money back, guaranteed for ten years. If the "baby" failed tests it would be taken to free military school and you could try again, no-one but the uber-elite had more than one kid. The 'gene catalogue' was the new Bible of the rich, every new professional couple was given one as a "wedding present" by Genie Babies.

The unenhanced were given as much consideration as monkeys in a zoo, they were a new sub-human category to be denied rights by the new 'masters.' It was nobody's utopia. The rich couldn't understand why their children hated them and the poor struggled on with no health care or social safety nets."


Find me a scientist who understands the soul, who knows the exact science of love. Find me a person who knows the exact recipe for a perfect soul to heal this shattered and dying world. For that is the holy grail we should seek. I care not for perfect bone symmetry and human calculators, not to diminish their gifts, yet without love there is no point to existence. I shall not live a life dominated by materialism and egotistical behaviours. The greatest fallacy of eugenics is an extension of our obsession with material wealth, that "perfection" is defined by what our current culture covets. There is so much more here than anyone can sense, so much more, and it is love that will unlock these abilities as we become ready, be it soon or in millennia.