If evolution weren't meaningful, our reality would be meaningless. Even being created by God, we need what we observe and understand by science to have bearing on the natural world we live in. We need to grow and develop. For the first time in the history of the world we are gaining control over our own evolution, and the question remains as to whether we will choose to make a world where nice people finish first, where love and kindness are priorities, or continue to let the greedy prosper with bank accounts in the billions and trillions.


When the answers finally came we were told that evolutionary scientists and the creationists both were correct in their own way, and both wrong too. Evolution is a fact, that much is obvious. We have DNA evidence, the fossil record, much intelligent science to back it up. But what the scientists can't see, can't test or measure, is the unseen influence of God.

We've had in our culture for a long time the idea of "matches made in heaven." And not always, but sometimes, it's true. Animals particularly can be guided by the Divine. So no, He didn't make the world in seven days or form mountains with His hands. To understand how things work you do need to study science and let the myths just be the beautiful stories they are.

So we kept the best parts of our cultures in tact, let go of ideas that were harmful and opened our minds to learning at the same time - vowing to not get stuck under the intellectual ceilings of previous times.