All at once my foot ceases to travel forwards and the scenery starts to blur like a poorly shot action photograph. The colours swirl and blend as my head becomes tilted toward the forest floor. The expected thump of the ground doesn't come and instead I'm still falling, only now it is utterly black.

Action & Adventure

The woodland floor lay unbroken, moist and cold under a blanket of frosted leaves. Travis ran full pelt toward the hut only to feel the ground underneath his boots give-way. A small gasp left his lips as his arms flailed in the fading light, gravity taking him down into the trap. After a few moments he splashed into frigid water right up to his chest, the wind knocked from his lungs. After blinking the splashes of dirty water away he squinted upwards, the remaining sunlight barely a small circle in the distance. With his hands he felt the mud, too soft to make footholes, but just maybe he could carve a channel to crawl out of.


David looked behind in despair, his end was coming. The night sky was the only assurance that he was still alive, but despite that, there was no helping the sick feeling inside his stomach. Then the sickness overcame all of David's thoughts, silencing him and clouding his view. All left was darkness, and a hole to live in for the remainder of his life, which was technically already gone.

By David Bloodhawk, July 27, 2014.

Every muscle in his body had knotted up as the realization flooded in, that if he were to slip and fall, he would never reach the bottom, and would tumble, screaming, through the godless sea of dancing flames that filled the spinning darkness, for all of eternity. It had caused him to feel so small and insignificant, that he’d been terror-stricken, awestruck, and humbled, all at once. Such was the majesty of the vision that had overwhelmed him in the night.

By albee, July 21, 2014.

Found in From Rahab to Revelation.., authored by A.M.Cornford.


She only cared about what was behind her. The colours of the forest around her swirled and clouded her vision. She let out a scream as she realized nothing was happening. She looked down and saw a deep dark abyss. The darkness reached out for her, its hands wrapped around her, pulling her down, beckoning her to drop. She gazed at the night sky above her- the only thing she could see- a shadow loomed and then disappeared. She closed her eyes, knowing her fate. The darkness welcomed her, smiling deviously. She was falling down.

By cherelelwaltz.lim, July 23, 2014.

I run, further and further. The woods darkening, as if night came in seconds. The tears were no help in finding my way, to wherever I could go. Twigs scraped past my face, entangling themselves into my hair. My feet slip and I'm falling. I can't open my voice to scream, fear, paralysing my body. I'm falling down. Down. Down. Down.

By Lulu Ishappy, July 20, 2014.

I saw Barry lift his head, cheeks already rosy, trying to catch Belinda's eye. He was there one minute, five foot ten inches of awkward, and then gone. Maybe he is bad-luck-Barry after all; the one time he lifts his eyes from the sidewalk and someone's left a man hole cover off.


Ted: "I've never seen anything so damn funny in my whole damn life. I'm telling ya Maureen, one minute Guy was there and the next, poof, fallen in a God damn hole. All anyone heard was a little girly scream and a crunch."

Maureen: "My gosh, is he alright?"

Ted: "Broken ankles. Two of 'em. He's in St. Mary's hospital."

Maureen: "Such a shame."

Ted: "God damn right it's a shame, didn't even have time to record it."