So, from my comfortable home, filled with all kinds of shit I never should have bought, I’m going to change to world. I will. Day to day life will be boring, I’ll talk, do shopping and walk my dog, but don’t all superheroes need an alter ego? That’s what my old persona is for now, it’s my cover, my Clark Kent. The new me is the real one, but for anyone who asks it’s just fiction, a novel, maybe not even a good one. Maybe the plot will be a bit wonky, but real life doesn’t follow a that forced pattern - introduction, conflict, recommitment, crisis, climax and resolution. There will be conflict, most of it internal, in you, if you dare read on. There will be a recommitment scene when you stop fighting your own conscience. There will be a crisis when you realize the mess the planet is in isn’t fictional and start feeling helpless and almost give up, wallowing in depression for a time. Then there will be climax, when you climb out of your stupor and realize that you are the star of your own story and that all of our stories will have the same ending. So without breaking any laws, or even a sweat, we’re going to change the world, and there’s not damn thing the multinational corporations can do to stop you or me, so let’s go. I’ll leave footprints in the sand.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 11, 2015*.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by daisy.