Jayne perused her social media page. Betty had new shoes from that designer store all the girls talked about and Tina's man had bought her a bunch of roses. She clicked like on both. Dave hadn't bought her flowers in a while, maybe there was something wrong. Perhaps she should drop some hints. Scrolling down there were Clara's vacation photos, gorgeous, she clicked "like" again but by now there was a tense feeling she couldn't shake. She kept on scrolling, adverts from companies and posts of grinning friends, all so happy. Rachel had a new hair do. She paused to look at her hair in the mirror and just as quickly looked away again. It was frumpy and dull. She checked her messages, no-one had replied to her messages in the past few minutes. They were online though, she could see that. She closed her laptop and headed out to the coffee shop, she could book a hair appointment at the salon next door for some cool new colours. Everyone just loved those pictures: "OMG," "WOW", "So cute xxx."