A Guide to Cosmic Fight Club:

There are two main combatant sides but other elements in the Cosmos to take into consideration. We represent love, the others represent cold emotional indifference (evil). This is the guide to Love CFC.

Firstly, you must have excellent critical thinking skills that are maintained to a high level. You must accept love as your supreme first principle. You must have an emotional need to protect creation and humankind that projects beyond yourself into the community and into the future. You must develop your creativity and ability to see multiple perspectives. You must have good self control so that you can do the harder thing when it is the right thing to do. Faith or none is inconsequential to cosmic fight club. If you get sucked into a conspiracy theory cult you will get kicked out for lack of critical thinking ability. You will remain both pragmatic and realistic at all times, yet with heart. You will be brave yet not foolhardy and never cowardly. You must be tactical about your moves and conserve emotional energy when you can. This is not a "job" as the money-nexus has, yet a calling from the Cosmos that is lifelong - and eternal for those who earn it. Consider this your invitation to a "Golden Ticket" of existence, yet taking it means work, constant effort, a struggle to save Earth for future generations of many sentient species. You decide if you want the ticket, because if you do CFC success becomes your entire bucket list. Your earned Karma will help you out where it can for personal happiness. God will help you too (if you believe in Him or not).

So, there you have it, a guide to Cosmic Fight Club that is smaller than the terms and conditions of a bus ticket, you're welcome.


For many the golden ticket comes once they enter their forty-second year of life. Soon after, or around age forty-one, their life becomes stranger, turned upside down, challenging to the point of cruelty. By forty-two the ones who will progress onward will have begun to turn their personal tragedy around. They will have the seeds of an idea that will be of great benefit to their community and perhaps the world. By the age of forty three they have the start of new health and confidence in their new pathway, they have seen the universe conspiring to help them. They have seen coincidences pave their way onward that can only be contrived by an intelligence that is either outside of this reality or is the fabric of reality or both. As they reach their forty fifth year they are consolidated to their path and have earned their golden ticket to both ongoing protection of the universe and our creator in all of their reincarnations. Those who take up the fight for our creator need eternal protection as combatants, as veterans, and this is part of what the golden ticket is for.