It started off so innocently - remotely secure your home, know who's in the house at any time. Next it was time to secure the kids. If a kid didn't have a GPS chip implanted the police couldn't guarantee their recovery in the case of a kidnapping. At first no-one went for the chips, then after a string of ugly abductions with grisly endings there was no price too high. The chips were implanted where they couldn't be gouged out in random locations. If junior so much as took a wander down a side road to check out a comic book store the parents and police were instantly alerted. Every false alarm meant a fine. All deviations in routine had to be programmed seven days in advance. No more spontaneous bike rides or trips to the mall.

When those kids grew up there were campaigns for a free chip-removal service but after so many years the chips were imbedded in deep tissue. The few who insisted either died on the operating table or were kidnapped soon after - no chip meant no police protection. Long gone were the days of detective work and "intelligence." Next came the iris cams for kids, time to know what they were looking at, was it homework or x-rated magazines? No-one wanted them either until some kid with an iris-cam was cleared of a capital crime from his recordings. Now they are installed at birth and refusal means you loose custody of the kid - they aren't "protected" without one. In forty years there won't be a soul in the western world without one and the latest versions contain "kill switches" - only to be used to stop terrorism - of course.