I grow the nutritious "weeds" because they grow like... er... well... weeds! They keep us full and almost no "gardening" is required. It's what grows naturally and keeps the "weeds" out all by itself. Stinging Nettles are as good as spinach and they grow very well under large trees, so no need to clear land, you can have the trees and the veggies. You can eat the broad leaves of the Dock-weed too, and it grows massive leaves and spreads with ease. Dandelions are edible and in some places are considered a delicacy. Duckweed is high in protein and just spreads over ponds - it's desperate to feed you! There are lots of weeds that are edible and you can adapt your taste buds for. If I'm not sure what something is then I ask someone to be sure, we should know these things, right? Maybe I'm just a lazy gardener, but why fight nature when it's trying so very hard to feed and care for you? Why not just start calling these plants what they are - vegetables!

(Note: Still waters and river water is not sterile and can carry disease. Wash and make safe duck-weed if you're going that route! Be sure to ask someone who knows plants well to help you identify them - apps are not good enough!)