The grenade had one purpose. Killing. Every aspect of it was designed for this goal, from it's metal or plastic exterior to the premium gunpowder inside.

By crazycon, September 11, 2014.

They came out us full front, armed with AK-47s. One group would fall to fire at us, while others moved steadily forward. When they hit 60 yards, our 50 cal, air cooled, took a heavy toll of their open movements. Why would they attack in such an open field? I was the gunner, and Jack was the ammo guy. We swiftly ran three belts, even as our other machine gun nests blasted away. We fully expected their heavy guns to sound off, but some some reason, the heavy stuff remained silent. From nowhere, a hand grenade landed between Jack and I. Jack picked it up, and threw it back out front. We both ducked as it exploded. It shook us both, but Jack jumped up, "That's it. Put it to them." I knelt down behind the gun, and sweat the field with bullets. Soon, the enemy pulled back, and they ran in retreat.
I looked at Jack. "You are one crazy grunt. You saved our lives!"

He smiled, "They made me mad with that grenade." We sat in silence for the rest of the night, Jack smiling.

By wmack99, January 9, 2015.

He was in the boot camp for becoming a soldier. Today was throwing grenades. But first was one hundred and twenty push-ups. Then running the dreaded assault course, which was a lot of running through mud. Then was the time for throwing the hand grenades. The person who got it the closest got a pat on the back from the lieutenant. He tried throwing the grenade but he forgot to pull the pin. He got an stream of abuse from the training commander as he gave him another explosive. "Don't mess this up or you will be spending all of your free time polishing my boots and cleaning my floors so I can make them dirty again." He pulled the pin, and threw it. It was stuck on his hand by a piece of gum. He pulled it off and threw it. Not a moment to soon. He got it over the barricade and ducked as shrapnel flew over his head and over everyone else's.

By magmabuzz, October 23, 2014.

I'd never seen a hand grenade before let alone held one. It was heavier than I'd expected. It sat in my palm like a little dull green pineapple. But this was no fruit, it was deadly if that pin got pulled. A few ticks is all you'd have to put some distance between yourself and it.

By haikuqueen1998, October 3, 2014*.