The shapes of the letters are remarkably strong, written with expertise and confidence in symmetrical lines. Vertical strokes, both straight and rounded, are penned thickly with bold triangular pennant heads. Horizontal strokes are thin and frequently used to join letters, sometimes with a slight triangular terminal.

By james, April 16, 2012.

Found in The Book of Kells, authored by Peter Brown.


I could never handwrite until I was almost fourth grade. It was so slow, so frustrating. All of the other kids were printing neatly and then there was me with my spider scrawl and spelling that impressed no-one. Then I learned to type and it saved me. Suddenly my work was legible, presentable and I could use a spell checker. My grades became quite respectable and my confidence level soared. Well, my handwriting did improve with practice, it had to, I've got college exams to write. But the letters are still jagged, there's no girly roundness or discernible style. Sometimes my y's look like a 's' but I get by.

By anaflores791, October 20, 2014.