The freezer was waist high and took up so much garage space that the car could no longer fit. It was noisy, dirty and pointless. Like the "spare room" it was simply a repository for all the "super deals" my mother could not resist. It was piled high with reduced price meats, buy one get one free lasagnes and much else besides, each with a garish "sale" sticker. It was organized by sedimentation, so that at the bottom lay years old produce and only the topmost layer had any chance of being eaten. I offered to help her out with it the other day, go through it, chuck out all that expired crap. She just looked up from the supermarket flyers, blanched momentarily, and then said "No, no, dear. I couldn't put you to all that trouble!"

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 12, 2014.