In isolation it was lonely, yet there is an art to surviving it in the best shape possible. I found that if I could be conscious of my choices and emotions, I could start to ask myself to make more healthy choices for myself and those I love. I could chose to dance to music instead of simply sit, or do some exercise instead of simply sleep. I found that if I baked bread rather than just bought it, it felt as if there was more love in our house - that I had a new hobby and the house had the aroma of a bakery, so homey. Yet in all of that, in the seeking of positivity, it was equally important to acknowledge the lonely feelings, to walk the line between seeing them, feeling them, letting them flood in when necessary, yet then returning to affirmative actions. By learning how to do this, I became a blessing to others and I felt more mature, more self confident. It is challenging though, very challenging, but at times I imagine my super heroes of fiction, Captain America or Wonder Woman, and I let myself try to become a little bit more "super" each day.