I could feel the heat of the summer sun beating down on my back. The leather reins rubbed soon-to-be blisters between my fingers. I knew I should of grabbed my gloves. The horse beneath me was just as done with this lesson as I was, his neck was lathered in thick sweat, curling the short, stiff hairs of his summer coat. Foam leaked from the corners of his mouth from working with the copper snaffle. 'One more time, old man' I thought to myself as I gave him a pat on the neck and picked up the reins - trotting off. His wimpy mane bounced with his stride, he had never even had enough to braid. I shifted my weight to my outside hip and dug my heel into his right side, he picked up the lead in perfect rhythm, tucking his head in and bounding towards the low lattice fence.

By suiteheart, March 22, 2014.