The Thatcher dream of a nation of homeowners was something we all wanted; we believed in it. Yet that was at odds with the free market, with others having the right to own many homes for rental incomes, then leveraging their values to buy more. The right to buy a holiday home in a rural location was at odds with the rights of those communities to have affordable homes for the young. So it was in 2020 that the government announced the green bonds for homes scheme.

The scheme was open to anyone, regardless of the number of properties owned. The home owner was issued green bonds, bonds that were dividend paying investments in environmentally and socially beneficial businesses. The aquired homes were sold by the government in waves to bring the housing market down in stages. Each new wave of properties lowered the asking prices in the country. By the end of the scheme people really did own their own homes and green innovations were driving the economy and research.

Before, the scheme there were five times the number of empty homes to homeless; after, there were no homeless. Any property that didn't sell the government kept to house those still in need, or make into a community centre, or youth cafe. My mother used to joke that every right wing needs a left wing to fly - that it was only when people from all ways of thinking joined up that the solutions came.