Hypnagogia occurs at the threshold of consciousness. Whether you're escaping into sleep or it is brought on by your screaming alarm clock, it happens. It's where your lucid dreams form. Hypnagogia is the bridge from bodily control to your brain's freedom. It's the last few moments of an exciting dream, your borderland state, the predormitium process. It's where your body feels awake, but your mind is a continuous wanderer, scaling the hollow valleys and soaring summits of your imagination.

My favorite place was hypnagogia. I could still feel relaxed, but think at the same time. It was where the epiphanies came and the hard decisions were made. I left my carousel of erratic ideas to the flat, steady land of waking life. There, I could work out a problem quicker than I could awake. There, I could see clearly, and everything was simple. No one was there to pull the wool over my eyes or smother me with human interaction, or influence my words and take away my freedom. I had complete control over my mind in that abridged hour of utopia.

By constancenebelwerfer, May 22, 2015.