Lisa threw her head back and laughed. "Hypocrite? Ha! Yes, of course I'm a hypocrite, but then there are two of me. There's my subconscious mind with its high ideals and my conscious that just wants to ensure the survival of me and you. So yes, I want to fight global warming and I drive a car, I want animal rights and I buy meat, I abhor slave labor and I wear clothes. I pity those who aren't hypocrites, because all they hear is the screaming of their conscious minds day and night, survive, eat, fear, danger. They have no range of morals to be hypocritical about." James looked at her for a few seconds, hands in pockets, it wasn't the response he'd been hoping for. He wanted her to walk her talk and instead she was set on carrying on just the same as those without her insights. One more sheep in the paddock. Or maybe she just saw too much, and how can anyone fix all that?


... The mother was determined not to forget again and went to her daughter, now a teenager, and told her what the angel said. Then she explained it in the way only a heartbroken mother can.

"I taught you as a child that hypocrisy is wrong, we should be true to our beliefs. But for someone as pure as you that doesn't work. You have so many dearly held and cherished values and this world is so broken that you must be a good hypocrite. You don't really want a house because not everyone has one. You don't really want food because babies starve. You'd give up your eternity so that they got one decent shot at life. Baby, you're a miracle, a God sent miracle. But you need to eat. You need sleep. You can't help God, you can't change the world from the inside of a casket and baby, I can't live without you. No mother should ever have to bury her daughter. God needs you to be a good hypocrite, the kind that never accepts the suffering of others and works tirelessly to alleviate it. But baby, let us less enlightened people who love you keep you safe while you learn these new rules. You are a God sent. It was never for me to toughen you up, that was my mistake, it was for me to find a healthy way for you to express who you really are." The mother cried. The daughter was baffled and held her Mom's hand.

Over time the mother taught her smallest daughter that she was beautiful inside and never to sacrifice that beauty or "toughen up." Instead the daughter learnt how to be a "Good hypocrite" because this world needs more like her.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 21, 2015.

Authored by daisy, here.