She opened up the palm of her hand. Inside were two tiny syringes full of pellucid emerald liquid.
“Do you know how to inject yourself?” Amber asked Tobias, tapping the plunger.
Tobias nodded. “I’ll go first.”
He took the syringe, closed his eyes, and jabbed it into the side of his neck. Amber handed him a piece of cotton and Tobias pressed it against his injection site gratefully.

By Nostalgia Darkness, December 30, 2013.

The hypodermic needle grew as I watched it. The doctor had me lie on my stomach. Next, he examined the inflamed muscle in my left, lower back. When he pressed his fingers on that spot, the pain exploded up my spine to the top of my head. The nurse called the doctor into the hallway. The Doctor said, "I'm going to inject Novocain into that injured muscle." Then he brandished that weapon of a hypodermic needle. He laid the extra long needle right beside me on the table. I looked away at the wall, trying not to center my attention. However, my eyes swung back to it as if out of control. The tube with the medicine never grew. But the needle desired be thrust into my poor, innocent back, which never harmed anyone. The needle grew fast like the Hulk grows when he is angry. The doctor came back, and plunged that needle into the sore place. When the doctor released the medicine, blessed relief! All the pain left. The nurse asked, "Are you Okay? I said, "Piece of cake."

By wmack99, February 5, 2015.

Bill McDonald.