The ice-cream van was the bane of my life. The music that called the children out for their cold sugary treat just reinforced to me how poor we were. Other kids would skip out joyfully, chasing the merry tune down the street and standing in line, jostling for position to see the menu selection. I just went to my room and hid. I didn't want to see my Mom tense up like she always did when it came. I knew better than to ask for it now, but when I was smaller I'd beg, then nag, then tantrum. Now I know it's not her fault. I'm looking at getting a job, I'm gonna train to be one of those ice machine drivers at the rink. They make really good money. Then I'm gonna buy Mom some great ice-cream, and not that soft serve garbage. It'll be the best in the store, real cream. And I'll put it in a waffle cone like they do at those fancy creameries. Then we can sit out and watch those crazy kids run after that exhaust fume belching truck and be smug.

By sydneyvosse01, October 18, 2014.

The moment I heard the approaching jingle of “Greensleeves,” was my cue. A quick scrabble over the wooden panel fence, followed by a mad dash across the neighbour's garden and out through their back gate, and I was in the side street, just seconds before the yellow, white, and blue ice cream van had pulled up at the kerb.
Peering through the open serving window, and with my chin resting upon the Formica surface of counter-top, I could feel the warm air coming from the generator, and smell the aroma of sweet soft vanilla, mixed with the faint hint of diesel fumes.
It was always good to arrive before the other kids from the block.
“Got any broken ice-lollies mister?” I asked eagerly, and holding up my tanner.

By albee, July 13, 2014.

As the ice cream van drifted past us; you could already glimpse the sight of children tugging their parent’s limbs towards the van. The children with money raced after the belching fumes to be first in line. As the white van came to a halt, a hairy hand flung the window open and played the merry tune. Swarms of children surrounded the van, waving their money in the air. Smaller kids squeezed through to front of the queue, whilst the bigger kids frantically shoved their way in.

By story, May 17, 2015.