Zombie is a social virus that accumulates with age. They see the suffering but they don't. It's the warped tour of duality. I'm immune. Lucky me. I am the child self with the adult brain, my duality is love and logic, not indifference and self delusion. So I witness and suffer from the witnessing, from the feeling of everyone's pain. At times I hide because it all hurts so very much. There are more the same as me... more that are immune... that have true psychological maturity regardless of biological age. It is a blessing and so very scary. We look out onto the world and see these people who are all fair-weather friends and fair-weather good citizens... for they buckle under the slightest pressure and become mean, self centred and cold of heart. The starving of the world mean nothing to them, nor the enslaved, the tortured and brutalised. Yet to become this way, a zombie, is to become a bastard, without a Father God, soon bereft of a Mother Earth. They may not fully realise what they do and why, but they have been given a moral code from the heavens in so many ways to so many cultures, and so they are culpable regardless. Perhaps some are more forgivable than others, yet that is a matter for heaven, for God. I am thankful for this immunity, as in time I pray the others will be also, for immortality is a thing we earn with courage. We are the fighters of evil. We are the hope and the chance for answered prayers. If there were better than us, they'd be here. So. Are you ready to take a chance on the only ones who are willing and able to take a stand?