General seemed to Dalgliesh that his impatience to get on with the job came through the wall like a palpable force.

By hiccup, May 14, 2012.

Found in A Taste for Death, authored by P. D. James.


One morning in September I was sauntering up and down the railway-station waiting for the slow hands of the clock to reach the hour fixed for the departure of the train. The fact that these hands never move backward did not in the least seem to restrain the impatience of the travellers thronging into the station, some with happy, some with anxious faces, some without trace of either emotion, yet all betraying the same eagerness and haste of manner.

By mikeb, April 8, 2013.

Found in The Heart of the White Mountains, Their Legend and Scenery, authored by Samuel Adams Drake.


Impatience stuck with me like glue, impending my proverbial affable nature.

By bbdqqce, February 4, 2019.