The end times came when baby girls were being murdered in their millions within the womb. It was a holocaust of the unborn. Those girls born became in short supply and instead of being cherished all the more they were in danger of being attacked, traded, bought like cattle. Without love they became depressed and in the violent sink hole that society had become the men were their number one cause of death and injury. Without Love they couldn't reach Him, and instead were trapped in a hellish brutal existence.

Without the love of women the men deteriorated, violence begetting violence and in a twisted way some came to enjoy dominating the fairer sex as masters. The creator, being a loving God, could not stand back and let the planet He created to be heaven turn into hell, and so He returned. The people were given a chance to amend their ways, to honour their women and girls and return to forming loving families. He extended His love and told them that women are equal to men, and the infanticide was a crime against God and women. He said that real men are protectors, brave, courageous and kind - not Neanderthals who would murder their own daughters before they had a chance to be born. The message was extended and then He waited for the response...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 20, 2015.