The infinity son has woken, the one with the power to hold the divine key... that divine key is a woman, for she is the great genius. It is only together that they can open heaven's gate - neither alone is sufficient. Each has essential qualities the other either lacks, or lacks in sufficient strength. They are the lovers, the guardians of creation, the keepers of humanity. As a pair they are prestige leaders who seek non-power based alliances, simultaneously alpha and omega, able to form firm treaties and societal structures that bring utopia in time. Take care of them, for they are both essential and unique in all the universe. They can only save you and your planet if you are willing to listen and learn. Now, dear humans, these messages from "outside your reality" are all well and good, yet without the courage to act on them they are only symbols created of pixels. We hope we have communicated well and we wish you Godspeed.