She jerked upright, panicked, but her wrists refused to move. Something sharp and cold dug into her skin. She looked down and saw there were handcuffs holding her hands to the table. She bit it, feeling an odd coldness on her tongue that was when the door opened and slammed shut, making the girl jump a little with the only slack she had.“I am Detective Warren. I am here to interrogate you. Do you understand?" The girl nodded slowly. “What is your name,” The man said crankily seating himself into the chair opposite to her. She stayed silent. "TELL ME.” He repeated sternly. The girl felt coldness envelope her, but no darkness came. Warren broke the cuffs and then wrapped his large hands around the girl’s throat and squeezed. He raised her off the ground. She kicked and squirmed, but it was no use. Just as her vision went blurry, two uniformed men came in, and Warren dropped her to the ground. He was lead out while she sat, panting for breath.

By zoroark101, October 30, 2014.