...she walks among the kiosk shops: small black hand-sewn dolls, cigarette boxes and mirrors encrusted with shells, necklaces made from the teeth of sharks, porcupine fish, inflated and dried. A miniature five piece steel band, mounted on a slab of driftwood, in which the players are toads. Looking more closely she sees that the toads are real ones that have been stuffed and varnished.

By angela, April 24, 2012.

Found in Bodily Harm, authored by Margaret Atwood.


But there were other objects of delight and interest claiming his instant attention; there were quaint twisted candlesticks in the shape of snakes, a teapot fashioned like a china duck, out of whose open beak the tea was supposed to come. And there was a carved sandal-wood box packed tight with aromatic cotton-wool, and between the layers of cotton-wool were little brass figures, hump-necked bulls and peacocks and goblins, delightful to see and handle. Less promising in appearance was a large square book with plain black covers...

By hiccup, April 23, 2012.

Found in The Lumber Room, authored by Saki.