The kidnappers looked like middle aged men. They were round about their middles with thinning hair, flecked with grey. Although they could have passed for brothers they were actually no relation, they were bonded by their perversions rather than by blood. They had it figured out, they would be each other's alibi. Since they were five star employees who paid their rents on time, went to church and volunteered at soup kitchens, they figured they were above reproach. They had to compromise on their choice of victim though, their tastes were a little different. Fred had got more of what he wanted this time on the understanding that Jordan got to pick next time.

By ryanthomas36, October 14, 2014.

The young woman stood poised with legs braced apart, and shifted her body weight from the ball of one foot to the other, as she brought her breathing back under control.
She didn't want to see their faces, so would leave it to the Police to identify the two hooded men.One was still breathing, but it would be over in a matter of minutes, for the knife-edge of her hand had severed his windpipe. A knee to the groin had brought the other one down, and a sharp kick to the temple meant he'd never get up again.
Her father may well have been on the rich list, but her potential kidnappers had not done their homework. For she was both expert and lethal at unarmed combat.

By albee, August 11, 2014.