Fantasy / Contemporary

Bottle in the Sea

To Whomever Receives This Bottle:

I never expected that I'd be lost and forgotten to the world. I suppose I write this hoping that perhaps you will remember this note sometime after you finish reading it, and in that way my memory lives on. Somehow that's enough. Now listen closely, if you've found this bottle it means that even though it has been tossed to and fro by the waves, perhaps pulled by the undertow and cracked against the rocky reef, it still found you. With that being said, life may break you, but know you are too strong to shatter. Your journey is your own. Do not be afraid if it's perilous. Take heart. Face your worries for they will be too afraid to face you. Ride the currents, do not let them control you. Listen to your heart for it is more than just a beat. The one you seek will find you when you least expect it, and they will give back what your journey has taken away. Your boat, your guide: you chart your course, not anyone else. Take responsibility for your faults, but do not apologize for them: they are what make you human. Dwell not on your mistakes, because your mistakes will sail you on the greatest adventures.

By tara, January 7, 2017.

This letter is on two cent paper but the words are without price. Everything you say is music to me, no matter the words, no matter the topic... because it came from your mind and flowed down your arm to the pen that would otherwise rest lazily upon the table.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 15, 2016*.

Somewhere, somehow the wound in her had begun to fester again. This time with resentment; that had once lingered as a shadow but grew into a faithful companion as Elena continued to receive letters. Their secrets were not hers to keep; their beauty was not hers to appreciate nor was their words for her to love.

By rosa2damaskina, May 11, 2016*.

The letter has so many crease lines, all of them fluffy to the outside from so many times being folded and unfolded. Likewise, the paper is soft to the touch, the blue ink has run but only slightly. Monica's eyes caress the strokes of the pen made so many years ago, seeing the personality behind the strong lines and heavy punctuation marks.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 15, 2016.

Dear you,
My mouth tastes of
cigarettes and sadness.
My eyes are
full of tears and red.
My hands are
shaking as I write this.
My mind is plastered
with you and your thoughts
and hatred for me,
because I know I ruined it all.
I would like you to know
I wanted
My mouth to
taste of you.
My eyes be
filled with beauty,
whenever I think of or see you.
My hands
sweaty and intertwined in yours.
My mind plastered
with you and our thoughts.

Did you see the pattern?

By cuddlemezaynbby, May 2, 2014.

Dear you,
why did you leave
without answering me
why did you keep
on looking at me
when you know
what effect it has on me
why did you
say you would think bout it
when you know
I know you know
the answer would be a

By cuddlemezaynbby, May 2, 2014.

Dear love,
I know its too early but
I cant sleep anymore
as you have my mind occupied,
I hope even I did the same,
Because I want you to know,
how it feels when
just one person,
is all that matters,
and his happiness
is all that, that counts.
And how it feels to lay in bed,
stare at the ceiling
and think bout the next time
you are gonna see him
and getting butterflies.
I want you to know
how strongly you can love someone,
even when you know they don't, or maybe they do.
I want you to know,
how it feels to do
according to the person
so he loves it in the end
and has a smile plastered
across his face,
and how good
you feel inside,
knowing it was because of

By cuddlemezaynbby, May 2, 2014.

Dear love,
People are telling me
you are gonna say a yes
I hope you do
because you make me feel myself again
and I love the way your name sounds
and the gap you hwave between your teeth
and the way you look at me and turn away
thinking I would never know you looked at me
and the way you lick your bottom lip before biting it
and the way you tense your jaw, giving me feels
and the way you look so naïve
whenever I see you looking at me
and the way you look so confused
whenever you have to stand up and walk away from your desk.
And the way
the way
the way you made me love yourself.

By cuddlemezaynbby, May 2, 2014.

Dear love,
Its 3:49 am here,
its cold, and lonely.
I wish you were here,
but I guess I need to stop wishing that,
because you are gonna say a no.
And I know I would cry,
but I hope I have the strength to hold on to
my tears until I reach home,
because I know you wont be there to
wipe them away and hold me close and say,
I was joking love, I am sorry.
and hold me tight against your chest and say,
I love you so much.
I hope I hold them because
dont want to cry in front of you
if you aren't gonna hold me close or
even worry about me,
a little.

By cuddlemezaynbby, May 2, 2014.

Dear you,
Stop playing games with me,
Its difficult to love a person,
who doesn't love you back,
stop stealing looks,
biting your lip,
and looking into my eyes directly while
tensing your jaw and,
making everything in the
south of my navel clench.
Please stop.
Stop making it more difficult,
than it already is.

By cuddlemezaynbby, May 2, 2014*.

Dear, dear child don’t you know? Don’t you even see what I do when I look at you? I see perfection shinning in the color of your eyes, purpose in the shape of your face, and color of your hair, beauty in the softness of your skin, and joy of your heart. You are you, and you are wonderful. Child, how sad it would be if you decided you would rather be a bird. You were not meant to be a bird, so how could you find happiness in it? But you would be beautiful and free… wouldn’t you? Oh my flower, birds were created to be birds they were not created like you. No one is created just like you. You were created in the beautiful image of your Father. Birds were not. You were created to be loved and chosen. Birds were not. You were created to be unique with your own ideas, thoughts, and talents. Birds were not. So dear, sweet darling child, don’t ever wish to be a bird, because there is only one you in the world so let her shine.
I am almost finished, but let me just say a few last things. Trail will come, dear one. You will be threatened, and hurt you will be told to let yourself go, that you no longer matter, that you are nothing. But you must believe and see for yourself what I so clearly see… you are beautiful, beautiful, oh so beautiful.

By twilightlover77, September 13, 2017*.