Where I wander; none have walked before. The scars that mark my body are strange to all living creatures. The abuse I have suffered at my own hand and those of others brought forth more tears than any dam could possibly hold. But strangely enough I found myself. I learned to cling to that self in hurricanes and rain. I learned to fight every moment-to remember. Cause that’s life; just a long cycle of remembering and forgetting.

By twilightlover77, September 13, 2017.

My life has never been like a TV commercial. I see them with their white teeth and perfect BMI. I see them always smiling, laughing and making good jokes. Their homes are perfect, in decoration and cleanliness. They drive a nice car and go on vacations. They purchase gifts for one another and expensive hair products because "they're worth it." They show love by spending money. Their children are angelic. They eat only the best food and have fulfilling careers. They aren't me and I'll bet they aren't you. But my life is beautiful. My life is worthwhile. I don't want them telling me what to eat, what to wear. If I want their product I can do my own research and then choose between their pitches. I am not inadequate. My house isn't too small. My car isn't too old. My kids are kids and they'll whine and complain sometimes and I still love them every day. My husband doesn't need to cave to your valentines day or purchase my love at Christmas. Figure out how to run your economy another way.


We live in novels that have been created just for us. Worlds woven by words that we circle as though we are the Earth and they, the sun. Stories we tell ourselves become who we are, and suddenly, we’re orbiting time and space like we’re following a script.

By fuzzyfrogs, June 28, 2016.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today? Today is the present! The past that I relished and yet deplore. The future that I await yet apprehend. This roller coaster, called life, astounds me with a sudden feeling of wonder and astonishment at times or strikes me nefariously, without a warning. At a point it's like a congruous, concordant blend of bliss and felicity and at other times it's just outrageously wicked. It lets me experience mirth at the fullest, then leaves me despondent and in a state of melancholy. And yet here I am anticipating life's thrilling adventures, waiting to enshroud its deepest mysteries. I know not the perils that life withholds, nevertheless, I choose to live it to the fullest and revel every aspect of it...!

By dragon_belle, April 2, 2015.

The thing about life is, it pushes you until you break just to see if you can put yourself back together.

By Paige Keating, April 13, 2014.

What I fail to do in my day-to-day life is take things less seriously. I always think about the future and whether the guy I have a crush on will ever reciprocate my feelings or whether I’ll ever amount to anything. These things—these vague dreams and thoughts of mine cause my stomach to churn and my eyes to fill with water droplets. I want to live life for now, not waste my thoughts on the future. For who knows whether i’ll even be alive for the moments I dream about

By eloise, January 14, 2015.

The big, beautiful sea
Is full of life’s emotions.
When you try to swim to the end,
Every obstacle is a wave in motion.

Don’t give up! Keep on swimming!
Don’t be a shell and smile.
Give life all you got. Fly with the gazelles.
It’s time to live and leave that frown for a while.

By viirii_lopezz, April 10, 2014.

One’s life is sacred. It is lived as a secret, and told as a lie. Sure, we share bits and pieces of what happens throughout our days, or within our nights,but that’s all. That’s all that is shared. This being a simple act of human nature.

By smiling_tiffany, December 14, 2015.