Though your lips are pretty, it is the feel of them that sends my mind into a sensual state of intoxication. That's why I reach toward your face and touch them lightly before the urge to kiss you takes over.


Her lips were a pale pink that reminded me of a rose bud. The top lip was thinner, but not too thin, and it had a natural cupid's bow; the bottom one was larger and more plush. I stared at them when she bit her pencil in concentration, drank from her mug, or when she applied lip balm to keep them soft. I wanted to feel her lips against mine, though they are rough and thin - perhaps she wouldn't like them.

By moonchild, February 22, 2016.

If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, the lips are the same thing for the body. They are softness, passion and the promise of the sweetness to come.


Her lips curled around the rim of the glass, leaving a painted streak behind.

By Jacinda Weire, August 7, 2013.

...her lips were blue with cold and her teeth chattered.

By mikeb, December 29, 2012.

Found in The Duck-footed Hound, authored by James Arthur Kjelgaard.


Dick’s lips curled.

By dan, January 20, 2013.

Found in Dick Merriwell’s Pranks, authored by Burt L. Standish.

Fairy Tales

A deep curve on her lips makes the world stop around her. a smile that brings back a million memories in a split second. The precious dimple that crinkles skips a beat.. She has a smile that makes you feel happy about being alive just a bit more human.

By Lavanya Addepalli, July 29, 2015.
Romance / General

It's his lips that make the light in the rest of the room get a little bit darker. The world stops spinning as he leans in with promise scrawled on his cupids bow. My stomach turns over as my mind races to places I didn't know it could go until I realize we are still in science class and anyone could be watching us. His ice blue eyes connect with mine as my world shatters and he asks for his pencil back.

By maezyd, October 2, 2017.