Mama spoke to me again today. When I spoke out in anger, she corrected me. She said as clearly as thunder on an August day, “Now, how would you like it if they spoke to you that way?” Later, as I was about to enter a building downtown, a lady was approaching the door, and Mama said, “Ladies first. Hold the door open. Remember, manners.” Mama may leave us in this world, but her voice never does. Sometimes her voice is soft as a kitten, and as radiant as a sunset. She can speak with kindness, but never hesitates to say, “Do the right thing!” Her every inflection, and every atonement is still audible. She still commands, corrects, and commends. She left a treasure trunk full of words of wisdom, but most of all, we love to hear her say, “I love you.”

By wmack99, October 18, 2016.