To trust yourself when all doubt. To lead from a danger only you can see clearly. To explain enable the blind to see. To give people the power to hear the extraordinary in the ordinary, the everyday and normal encryption of the spoken word. To show them the messages and conversations that happen all around us to different levels of the brain. That's quite the challenge. That's quite the challenge when until you can prove it they will think you mad and threaten you with the consequences that come to the insane. To speak and risk the twisting of the knaves of sophistry. That is what they ask. Last time I complied I almost died. I almost lost everything for nothing. So, tell me again why, tell me why this is the time, because even if it is now or never I won't unless I can win. I know more than most what these adventures into the world of the saviours costs... and the cost is never to myself alone. You know what? I do trust myself. I do. It's every other bastard out there I don't trust. This is a world of monsters. So many monsters.