Today I'm happy, but I don't think anyone can tell. It's under the surface and mixed with some anxiety. I'm not used to the combination, it's truly odd. Happy takes me up and anxious brings me down, so in that combination I'm simply focused on the task at hand. Perhaps it's like that for everyone starting something new, pleasure at gaining forward momentum and fear of the change. It's hard work, but worth it. I could have started any business I know, but painting has always relaxed me and so my job was a natural choice. I paint and decorate in the fresh colours of the new season and accessorize with an accent colour. The work can be dull, monotonous even, but the result is all the motivation I need. It's tough starting out, taking a chance, but in time my reputation will bring in all the business I need.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 12, 2015.