The cityscape was unapologetically urban. There were no trees or city planted blooms, just monoliths of concrete soaring out of the sidewalk in an exact grid pattern. At night it was beautiful in it's own way, so many lights. By day you relied on the sky to let you know that it wasn't a monochromatic world; just one in which the people were to busy for art. For over a generation progress had meant the teaching of specific skill sets to the children of the metropolis and art had been the first casualty, then dance, then music and television. In this city we only work and eat, there is no time to sweep fall leaves or plant spring flowers, hardly even enough to notice the blue above. With no more designers our clothing and cars never change, there are five styles of everything in white through grey. You pick the best one for you and use it until it falls apart before returning it for a replacement. In this way our city outperforms those in the region.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 12, 2014.