Jim Dodd would have said at once that this was one of the Curculionidae, or snout beetles, for a prolongation of the head between the eyes formed a sort of beak a foot in length. The mouth, which opened downward, was armed with terrific mandibles, while the huge, compound eyes looked like enormous crystals of cut glass. Immediately in front of the eyes were two mandibles as long as a man's arms, with feathery processes at the ends. In addition to these there were three pairs of legs, the front pair as long as a man's, the hind pair almost as long as a horse's.

By dan, January 30, 2013.

Found in The Beetle Horde, authored by Victor Rousseau.


number of legs, number of arms, number of wings, talons, claws, teeth shape and size, blob, slithering, patchy, brindled, creeping, striped, salivating, shape-shifting, number of heads, tail, oozing, agile, invisible, transparent, translucent, nimble, gelatinous goo, tentacles, vermillion, red, globules of puss, lumbering, fangs, dull, sweaty, swift, rubbery gums, shiny, moronic, clumsy, tusks, horns.

By angela, March 19, 2012*.

Grainy, gritty, furry, dry, leathery, bristles, gnarled, sandy, fluffy, flakey, cold, ridged, feathered, moist, icy, bumpy, rubbery, downy, damp, scorching, warty, scaly, scarred, oozing, pocked, slimy, undulating, silky, spongey, hairy, slippery, matted, wooly, stubble, waxy, grimy, prickly, fiery, velvety, silky

By angela, March 19, 2012.