You wanted to save them from hell? You aren’t being honest with yourself, no don’t pout, you weren’t. You were scared of hell, you wanted to go to heaven and you thought by converting them you’d win “brownie points” with God. Isn’t that right? No? You say you wanted to save them, to bring them everlasting life? Bull. I told you this course of action would decimate their population and culture for generations. The true reason, the deep reason, for any action should be judged by the result instead of the proclaimed intention. The stated intention is no more than smoke from a fire that’s already burning. Confused? Let’s look at our example, maybe that will help.

The result in this case was the destruction of the First Nations in mind, body and spirit, and so that was the intention of option A, it satisfied a deep fear in the settlers and the rest is self serving bulls**t. The deep (real) motivation was fear of the natives and fear of cultural difference - so the true intention was their destruction, which was the result. Religious ideas are dangerous if they let us hide behind a false nobility while doing barbaric things. So - good news and bad - the good news is knowing all this makes the analysis of complex political situations and world problems simple. The bad news is it makes the manipulation of people, of populations, simple too. Just trigger a deep emotion they won’t consciously acknowledge (repress) and then give them a way to satisfy that urge whilst keeping their ego in tact, or even better, feeling noble. Sounds like religion, right?

Oh, God is talking to me again. Hmmm. OK. He says all you need to know is that He is real and He loves you. He says to stop allowing yourselves to be controlled by the news, the media, the corporations, religions and the banks. He says they have you dancing like puppets while His earth is destroyed - all so that they can make themselves rich and powerful. He says wake up, and when you are awake don’t go back to sleep...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 24, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.