She stood atop the rocky surface and raised her arms in victory. Clouds swirled around her in an icy greeting and snow coated the mountain top. Her eyes began to water as a wind whipped the hair across her face. When she looked down at the dizzying drop, nothing met her gaze but flat clouds, hiding the treasure of their landscape below.
"I did it," she whispered to herself, the purple lips chattering but curving upward in gaiety. "I really did it. I am on top of the world!"

By tinyblondemonster, April 14, 2014.

Alea’s amber eyes opened wide as she stared off into the distance. This place, it was so beautiful. It made Alea feel something deep within. She allowed her eyes to wonder along the small brown hills and valleys, following dry creek beds and bare trees. Her eyes traced the line of the horizon and paused on the broad mountains towering above it. The jagged peaks of the snow-capped mountains caused a stirring in her soul. A thirst for adventure and beauty awakened in her heart and flowed out into the tips of her toes, making her want to run straight into the embrace of the proud mountains.

She imagined climbing to the top of the tallest mountain, her breath coming out in gasps and her feet cold from the snow. In her imagination, she stood and looked down. Everything seemed to rush at her all at once, it seemed to spin and swirl about her legs as if it were the universe, and she was its center. Imaginary Alea felt small as she gazed at the colors of winter rushing to meet her on her tall peak. She closed her imaginary eyes, spread her imaginary arms wide, and breathed. The cold winter air sliced into her lungs with fierce vivacity, bringing hints of the earthy smell of dirt with it. Imaginary Alea furrowed her eyebrows and breathed again, feeling the energy of life flow over her. Her skin tingled and her heart beat a steady tune, as her ears welcomed the rush of the wind and the stirring of the earth.

Alea opened her eyes, and exhaled slowly, her breath clouding her view of the mountains. How truly beautiful and vast the earth was, she marveled to herself. How truly good and powerful was the Creator who put the mountains in their place.

By twilightlover77, November 16, 2017.