In the corner of the badly aged room, there resided a stool, just a simple stool with no less importance than a worn blanket, or rusty nail- If only it hadn't been for the item which was placed to delicately on top.

His clothes, which in the past must have been woven with so much love, were tattered, tarnished from all their beauty with rot, filth. Plaid, blue and red now dyed blue, poor yellow wellies worn and their previous yellow coating now peeling off.

Cracked porcelain skin, broken from a lack of care and cherry red lips which had long since run dry of all their colour- It was saddening, heartbreaking to be bearing witness to such a site.

At least, it might have been, had the eyes not been so clear, open and wide without so much of a blemish. Staring at her, endlessly, bottomlessly until the doll slumped down in its chair and she screamed.

By xxxrogueyaoigirlxxx, July 25, 2017.

Whatever love had seeped into the scratched old porcelain doll had leached out into the forest floor. At first her heart had thumped, it looked so much like a baby in the frosted leaf litter. But when she touched it with her finger tips the surface was unyielding, more like a teapot than skin. As the shock began to ebb a thought occurred to her, it could be something for photography class. Something that was once so cherished so weathered and beaten. She raised it into the dappled light and it's head lolled, almost separating form the partially digested fabric body, still though there were traces of lace. After the long trudge home she covered the dining table in newspaper, poured on her collection of bright autumnal leaves and dropped the doll onto the table over and over until it was positioned like a collapsed corpse. When her Grandma bustled in with her ever-present smile she stopped and blanched, staring fixedly at the doll. With one had clasped to her mouth she sank to the floor.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 10, 2014.

The dolls face was old and cracked with maggots seeping out of the mouth, but there was something about the eyes that made Lizzie feel like she had seen it before

By nonofyourbuisness, November 10, 2014.