A foundational pillar of world peace is equitable world food distribution; only when basic needs are met can humans properly make use of their prefrontal cortex and be fully cooperative social beings.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, October 17, 2022.

Angels are born every day upon this Earth, in every country of the globe, in conditions of peace and war, to parents of good mental health and parents in deep intergenerational trauma. What happens to these angels depends on us, on every person of sound brain and body. It is time we took this sacred duty with perfect seriousness.


Dear Cartels,

Your prompt response is appreciated. God says all lights are green to proceed with peace talks. We will proceed together. Whilst traditionally we think of peace as a negotiation, the representative of God does not negotiate. Here are the opening instructions.

The current boarders stay as they are. We will remove the western imposed monetary system and return to traditional methods of negotiating between peoples aided by technology. The oceanic ecosystem will be fully protected, all commercial fishing will end, this will help to stabilise climate change. Drug lands must be either converted to food production for your people or returned to God for His creation.

Until there is more, that is all.

Commander Angel Star