Beauty I came to
see, was beautiful only
because he said 'twas.

When I see the world
I see to often through eyes
that are not my own.

~~ One of My own Haiku pairs.

By saphirabrightscales, February 20, 2014.

Eyes. Colour. Hair. Colour. That is mostly always my first perspective for people. Always has been. Still is. The rest comes later but I suppose there is something about the eyes that, for every person I see, says it all.
The first eyes I remember were brown. And Big. And Brilliant. And Beautiful. My mother’s.

Also I suppose this might be one of the reasons for my singular perspective because that is all I remember of her. The eyes. So for every person I see I study the eyes looking for that sparkle I saw in hers. I never did experience that same warm fuzzy feeling looking into any eyes but hers; which was pretty strong a feeling for having been a few days of age. I always liked the fact that at least I have that one piece of her that nobody else ever did.

By saphirabrightscales, February 20, 2014.