The buzzer of the extension phone went off like an annoyed rattlesnake. Walters scooped it up, spoke into it, listened for a moment, and handed it to Rand.

By descriptionari, July 2, 2012.

Found in Murder in the Gunroom, authored by Henry Beam Piper.

Magical Realism

A phone holds a thousand memories. Not just in the hundreds of pictures that could tell my story, but in my music, in the text messages and the ones I never sent, in my voice memos, in the games I play to pass the time away secretly waiting to hear from you, in the way my ear presses against the glass just to hear your voice… but most of all, in all the silence of our slightly opened lips desperately begging it to just say how we really feel for each other. A phone remembers the silence it had to endure between people.

By salmasiddiqua, June 15, 2015.