RE: RE: Travelling to Earth???
to: vikaryba@anakin.astro

Don't touch the rocks. Don't touch the water. If your skin so much as brushes any of the plants, you're dead. The air is okay for most, but if you're Kaasnian or Nibingian then you'll need a tank to breathe. There are some cool ruins, but it's really up to you if it's worth it to go there. If you're a Lanite then Venus might be more interesting, but to most races the surface is also toxic. Don't get me wrong, Earth has the most interesting history of any abandoned planet in this sector. But you need to know the risks.

That said, if you're a human descendant disregard all of that. Go. Go now. You're the luckiest man in the quadrant. All of us in the planet-hopping community are envious.

I might be able to give some more specific advice if you'd tell me your species. Where are you from?

By dino, February 24, 2015.

When the final days for the humans of planet Earth came, they came out in droves to plead their innocence. The alien high command looked at them through his compound eyes, his mouth a thin line. Extermination was an unpleasant business and even more so when the dominant species was sentient - but they weren't the only sentient species on the planet and the law of Galaxy 5 had to be applied. The humans had been sent the required number of messages through their "prophets" despite their penchant for killing them. Now the populations cried, "It wasn't us! It was the corporations, we just did what we had to do to survive!" The alien commander couldn't speak human, not in any dialect, it just sounded like so much bleating to him. He punched a button on his translator and his mouth became an even grimmer slash, mandibles clicking in irritation. He made his reply.

"You all voted with your tokens system - money - every day. You bought products made with the sweat of children and slavery. You preferred factory farmed meat to lentils and herbs. You abused your own kind, killed them, waged war after war despite being told not to kill. You have run your economies to the degradation of this planet, all other species and even your own. Your warnings came from the Creator Herself, and still you ignored them. Remorse is easy when you face annihilation, but it doesn't last long. Real change is boring, it takes tedious work on a daily basis. There are no fan-fares or celestial rewards. If you weren't all so desperate to get to your "heaven" you'd have realized you're already there. But before you complete the process of making it a "hell" we have come to save Planet Earth - whether you like it or not. We aren't cruel, there won't be any pain, it'll be just the same as before you were born."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 24, 2015.

My heart belongs to this Earth. I love her so. She is beauty; she is wonder; she is heaven by divine design. She is ecology; she is genetics, her lifeforms evolve and my love for her is absolute. In this wide universe there can be no finer planet for any species than their natural home. So please, open your eyes and see this gift. What more do you want? What more do you need?

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 19, 2015.